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A Family Legacy: El Charro Serves Up Authentic Mexican Cuisine for Generations

A Family Legacy: El Charro Serves Up Authentic Mexican Cuisine for Generations

by | Apr 5, 2024

For over five decades, El Charro has been a Fraser, Michigan staple, serving up generations with authentic Mexican cuisine and a warm, family atmosphere. The story of El Charro, however, starts long before its current bustling locations. It’s a story about family, tradition, and a dish so beloved it sparked a restaurant: the Puffy Taco.

From Humble Beginnings to Family Flourishing

The journey began in 1971 with Delia Martin and her husband George (Marty) Martin. Taking over a small, eight-tabled restaurant in Fraser, they brought with them a treasure trove of family recipes passed down from Delia’s parents, Rosalio and Consuelo Rendon. Among these recipes was a unique creation that would soon become El Charro’s signature dish: the Puffy Taco. This delectable dish, featuring light and airy fried tortilla cradling savory fillings, quickly captured the hearts (and stomachs) of the local community.

The demand for the Puffy Taco proved to be a powerful force. El Charro quickly outgrew its initial location, expanding and then ultimately relocating to its current, much larger space on 14 Mile Road. Today, El Charro boasts three thriving restaurants, a testament to the enduring popularity of the Puffy Taco and the family’s dedication to their craft.

A Legacy Carried by Generations

Delia’s passion for food and family wasn’t confined to the kitchen. Her four children, Ed, Jeffrey, Mark, and Lynn, all grew up practically within the walls of the restaurant. Each has played a vital role in El Charro’s success over the years. Delia’s daughter-in-law, Donna Martin, and her grandchildren, Eddie, Jamie, and Breanne, have also contributed significantly to the restaurant’s journey.

Currently, Lynn and Jeff stand at the helm, managing all operations and ensuring the “family business” continues to thrive. Lynn, Delia’s only daughter, embodies the El Charro legacy. Warm and welcoming, she’s a familiar face to many patrons. She is deeply invested in the team, fostering a positive work environment. Lynn spends a significant portion of her time at the El Charro commissary, meticulously overseeing the preparation of ingredients and ensuring every dish upholds the family’s high standards. Beyond the restaurant, Lynn cherishes time spent traveling, connecting with family, and sharing adventures with Delia.

Jeff, on the other hand, brings a wealth of operational expertise to the table. From finances and scheduling to menu planning and supplies, Jeff’s knowledge of the restaurant industry is extensive. He readily shares his expertise, acting as a valuable advisor to other business owners. Much like his father, Marty, Jeff is a captivating storyteller, adding a touch of personal warmth to the El Charro experience. While primarily found managing the Fraser location, you might also catch him on the nearest golf course when he’s not overseeing restaurant operations.

A Taste of Tradition Awaits

El Charro’s story is one of unwavering dedication to family, tradition, and delicious food. For over 50 years, they’ve been serving up a taste of Mexico with a warm, family touch. Whether you’re a longtime patron or a curious newcomer, El Charro welcomes you to experience their passion for authentic Mexican cuisine. So come savor the legendary Puffy Taco, immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere, and discover why El Charro has become a beloved Fraser institution.

Visit El Charro today and experience a taste of tradition! Explore their menu on their website at or stop by one of their three locations for a heartwarming meal and a taste of Mexican culinary heritage.

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